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FaceApp: Security fears over Russian ageing app, experts warn

The 'FaceApp' viral trend which takes your picture and re-imagines you with an extra 50 years on the clock may be exposing its users to its Russian developers.  Experts are warning of security concerns with FaceApp, made in 2017,  which puts a filter over your face, as it has permanent access to your

Google Glass Has an Afterlife as a Device to Teach Autistic Children

Mr. Prickett found it hard to judge whether the Google device helped his son recognize emotions, but he saw a marked improvement in Esaïe’s ability to make eye contact. Heather Crowhurst, who lives near Sacramento, said she had experienced something similar with her 8-year-old son, Thomas, who also participated in the

Ford secretly designs new official pickup truck emoji

"It's time for our global visual language to get a little bit tougher, with a brand new pickup emoji," says the pitch for a pickup truck emoji design that's pending approval by the Unicode Consortium. However the document failed to mention that car manufacturer Ford has been involved with its

Lion Bones Are Profitable for Breeders, and Poachers

An international treaty prohibits the buying and selling of products made from any of the big cat species, save one: the African lion. If the animals have been bred in captivity in South Africa, then their skeletons, including claws and teeth, may be traded around the world. Lion parts legally exported